The piece de resistance of food grazing, these ‘insta-worthy’ works of gourmet food art are best suited to fifty guests or more

Grazing tables are the perfect way to make a statement at your event, either as a centre piece of something gorgeous on the side.

Each grazing table contains a diverse mix of tasty cheeses, cured meats, fresh breads, dips, nuts, seasonal fruits/vegetables and sweet treats.  We aim to showcase the freshest produce Hawkes Bay has to offer.

To create a focal point, the table will require a selection of platters, stands, foliage/flowers, boards and textures and utensils - we provide these and the cost of hirage is incorporate in the costings below.

Travel within a 20km radius of Clive is included in the pricing below. Travel further afield will incur travel costs as defined by the IRD (per KM) + travel time - we can discuss this with you on enquiry.

Pricing is dependent on a number of factors. We have provided some rough indications below - but recommend getting in touch so we can work together to accommodate your catering needs.

  • Light Graze (suited for a between meal snack, or as a canape style - pre dinner occasion) .

    • For between 50-100 people $18.50 per person ( + GST )

    • For 100-150 people $17.50 per person ( + GST )

    • For 150+ $16.50 per person ( + GST )

  • Royale (Full) Graze - when the graze is the main attraction.

    • For between 50-100 people $22.50 per person ( + GST )

    • For 100-150 people $20.50 per person ( + GST )

    • For 150+ $18.50 per person ( + GST )

We do offer a range of optional extras which we can cover with you when discussing your requirements - these include (but are not limited to) - Freshly Carved Ham on the Bone, Smoked Fish Fillets, Dessert options.



Adding the wow to your next corporate event!
Swap out your sausage rolls and club sandwiches for a grazing table/platter to impress your team, colleagues and clients.
We are happy to work with you to customise products and presentation to reflect your corporate branding & values.
Pricing is set on a per head basis.

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