Earlier this year, we kicked off an exciting new initiative at The Mad Platter with our first ever “Pay it Forward Gift box”. The Pay it Forward initiative is there to surprise and delight some unsuspecting but very deserving person who needs to know just how awesome they are. the objective being that that person then Pay it Forward by nominating another deserving person to send the next box on to.....and so on and so on.

It's a random act of delicious kindness and we're hoping it takes off across NZ.
You can keep track of this treat giving revolution right here on our website, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook and support us by liking and sharing and raising awareness (links to our social media pages are at the bottom of this page).
We would love to have a few streams of Pay it Forwards all going at once, but your support is key in helping this happen
Keep an eye on your front door step - you just never know when it might turn up at your place.

Here are some examples of the amazing recipients thus far…….

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When I came up with the concept of a Pay it Forward Gift Box I knew straight away who to kick it off with. Our first recipient is a godsend to new mothers. Her wealth of experience, coupled with her kind and gentle nature make her a key member of the “New Mums Support Village” in the early days. I hate to think how many Hawkes Bay Mums she’s helped in her time.

Speaking personally, she was my rock in those first few weeks (and still is - ten months on!).

Add to that what she and her hubby do for their gorgeous grand children - she was an easy choice for our inaugural gift box.

recipient #2

The second Pay it Forward Gift Box made its way to a gorgeous, generous young woman and wonderful mum to three children 🧒🏼👦🏻👧🏽

“Her selfless approach to raising her family with such love and a great sense of humour is endearing. Despite sometimes facing their own financial challenges, she is always ready to cook for, care for and cheer up others. She has her own health issues, but you would never know. Her beautiful welcoming nature makes everyone she knows feel better just through sharing her company. None of these things would earn her a Damehood, but I believe that the world would be a better place if there were more people like her” ✨

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PIF 3.jpg

recipient #3

You can stop looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because we have found it…..🌈 in the form of the third Pay if Forward Gift Box recipient.
Here’s a wee bit about this recipient in the words of her nominee….. “She does things like fill up your fridge when you've been away, turn up on your doorstep with lunch if you’re feeling a bit blue or under the weather. A mum herself, with her youngest only 9 weeks old, she’s got her hands full, but she doesn’t hesitate to swoop in and help out like it ain't no thing. She just seems to know what you need before you even know yourself and is so generous and good hearted”

I hope this pot of rainbowy sweet treats brings some brightness to your day, like you do to others ✨💛

recipient #4

Here is what our last recipient had to say about our fourth nominee....
“A mum to two boys 👬, the youngest only 3 months old 👶🏼 – she manages to find time to be both an amazing mum and to run a successful business ✨. And that’s not all – at the moment she is doing this single-handedly as her hubby is off at police college 👮🏻‍♂️.
Her lovely boys (who don’t like to sleep) have such a thoughtful, caring, beautiful mother who although has so many things going on still visits friends and remember all the things going on with them 🙌🏼. She is always smiling, and takes time to show an interest in you, your day, your children.
A little box to share with her to show her that even though her family seems so far away, she has a different kind of family, here, to support her” 💝

I hope you enjoy your sweet treats 🌸💛 .

PIF 4.jpg


For our fifth recipient we were southward bound…….This lucky southern lass is described by her nominee......
”She is a gorgeous, caring friend, a new mum to a beautiful wee girl 🎀 and juggles motherhood 🤹🏻‍♀️ with a new business. What super-mum and awesome friend doesn’t deserve a box of sweets to brighten her day!? 🌼” .


We’re sticking around in the South Island for our next recipient. I tell you what, there are some very special, kind and generous people out there. We are loving being able to spoil them with a sweet surprise.
This lovely lady is described as…….. “having a beautifully kind heart. An inspiration to many, she seamlessly juggles running her own successful business with being an incredible mum to her two gorgeous boys. Her generosity knows no bounds, always going the extra mile to make you feel amazing or treat you to something special. She always puts her friends and family first. Anyone who is lucky enough to have her in their life, will know she is one of a kind, a truly beautiful person, inside and out." ❤

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