gourmet graze boxes


$40 (SMALL)
$70 (large)

We know sometimes you’re after something a little different to send someone....”Just because”....
“Just because”....you love them
“Just because”....they’re having a baby
“Just because”....it’s their birthday
“Just because”....they got engaged or....
“Just because”....they’re awesome
What ever the reason....we’ve got the solution.

Customisable to (almost) any occasion.

All gift boxes come beautiful sealed with a ribbon, along with a complimentary note card which we are happy to pop a note in on your behalf.

To order the Just Because Boxes online please chose “Online Gift Box Orders” from the menu options, or click the link below.

TYS Mixed.jpg


Perfect for two, or up to four people for those who don’t mind sharing.
Jam packed with gourmet treats - normally comes with a perfect mix of savoury and sweet.
Perfectly portable and beautifully presented - completed with a bow.
Gift card and cutlery is optional - please request when booking if you would like either of these items added.

More the Merrier 3a.jpg


The Boss Daddy of Gourmet Graze Boxes!
Suited for groups of six to eight people, these picnic boxes are bursting with gourmet goodness. At a minimum you will find a selection of cheeses (three), dips (two), meats (two), fresh seasonal fruits, gourmet sweet treats, chocolates and crackers.
Known to tip the scales at over 3.5kg of grazing goodness.

As with all Mad Platter options - these large grazing boxes are completely customisable for your required occasion (brunch boxes, baby shower, corporate gift box etc)